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DMC Rhinestone SS40

DMC Rhinestone SS40


  • Market Price: $7.54-$8.85
  • Offer Price: $7.54-$8.85

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Size Color Item No. Price
SS40 YAX001 Crystal DMC Rhinestone7-1 $7.54
SS40 YAX001 Crystal AB DMC Rhinestone7-2 $8.85
SS40 YAX280H Jet Hematite DMC Rhinestone7-3 $8.85


Product Description 

Detailed Crystal Hotfix Product Information


Fuchsia SS16



Size :



5 bags



Lady's garment accessories,Nail Art and so on

Cheap DMC Korea Stones                                                         

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Color Chart of DMC korea stones flat back

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Payment Terms


1. If the quantity is small, we will send you by express, such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, etc.

2. If midium quantity, delivery by air is more favorable for you. Usually speaking, it takes 7 days from China to your country.

3. If you order is in very large quantity, delivery by sea is also acceptable, but it will take 30 working days.

4. Certainly, you can arrange your carrier to collect the goods in our factory.


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DMC Rhinestone

Our website local DMC transfer strass shape abnormity Link:

1.DMC transfer rhine stones super large 10mm or 11mm round

2.DMC hotfix rhine stones Rectangle 5*8mm shape

3.DMC hot fix rhine stones Teardrop shape

4.DMC transfer strass Oval shape

5.DMC hotfix strass Turtle face round large size

6.DMC hot fix strass Rectangle shape

7.DMC transfer pedreria Oval shape Horse eye shape

8.DMC hot fix pedreria rhombus shape diamond shape

9.DMC hotfix pedreria ellipse shape

10.DMC hotfix strass triangle shape triangular shape

11.DMC hot fix strass square shape Turtle face

12.DMC heat press crystal Teardrop shape large size

13.DMC heat press strass round ball face shape Turtle face large size

14.MC hotfix strass rectangle shape rectangular shape

15.MC hot fix strass oval shape Turtle face


Our website local DMC transfer strass color Link:

1.DMC transfer rhine stones crystals color

2.DMC transfer crystals green color

3.DMC transfer pedreria black color

4.DMC transfer pedreria red AB color

5.DMC hotfix strass gems red color

6.DMC transfer strass hyacinth sun color

7.DMC transfer rhine stones blue zircon color

8.DMC iron on strass beads sapphire AB color

9.DMC iron-on rhine stone queen rose color

10.DMC beads transfer rhine stones montana color

11.DMC transfer rhine stones pedreria color

12.DMC iron on queen silver lt.olivine color

13.DMC hotfix flatback rhine stones lt.olivine AB color

14.DMC hotfix flatback crystals lt.peach color

15.DMC hotfix flatback strass lt.sapphire color

16.DMC hotfix flatback silver olivine color

17.DMC transfer rhine stones strass red color

18.DMC transfer strass beads sapphire AB color

19.DMC hotfix pedreria amethyst color

20.DMC heat press rhine stone smoked topaz color 

Our website local DMC hotfix rhinestone shape color sheet Link
A.china hot fix rhinestone DMC shape color sheet 1
B.china rhinestone DMC shape color catalog 2
C.china cheap rhinestone DMC shape color chart 3

We Offer:
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 Factory Quoted Price:for high quality products, great service, large selection and unbeatable prices, Buy high quality rhinestone and save up to 70% off.

1.Color:crystal,sapphire,jet,black diamond,jet hematite 45 colors available.
3.Shape:round,square,rectangle,oval,teardrop,triangle,heart,star with difference size.
4.high quality, factory price
6.Delivery Day:have stocks.
7.Low delivery cost
8.Unique Package:harden cardboard at corner and around sides,with vacuum shrink film outside, last packed with carton.

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